David D. Menino

Field of Study / Research: Research Topic: Development and Pilot Testing of a Gender-Sensitivity Training to Improve Transpinay Health

Program: Fulbright - American Program - Students


Philippine Affiliation: University of the Philippines – Manila

U.S. Affiliation: Brown University, Providence, RI

David is a Bachelor of Science in Psychology graduate from Brown University with experience in health education, HIV testing and risk reduction counseling, community outreach, and research. He is passionate about improving the health outcomes of disadvantaged populations by increasing access to, and quality of, information, services, support, and care.

After graduating in 2012, David spent two years as a Health Educator for a Boston-based public health non-profit teaching sexual and reproductive health education to youth and young adults, and providing confidential HIV testing and risk reduction counseling to a myriad of individuals such as intravenous drug users, sex workers, and homeless individuals. Working closely with people whose lives have been affected by poverty, addiction, and communicable diseases cultivated a keen interest in understanding social factors related to the distribution/prevalence of these diseases (e.g. addiction, HIV/STIs, and Hepatitis C) and how to best provide and/or design services that effectively improve the health and treatment outcomes of these populations.

David then transitioned to a career in research at Boston Children’s Hospital in 2014, where he made substantial contributions to research focused on stigmatized populations (e.g. individuals struggling with substance abuse, HIV-positive persons, and LGBT individuals) and health disparities. In this capacity, he honed his skills in mixed-methods research in a community-based participatory research context working with investigators affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, and Fenway Health, an LGBT health, research, and advocacy organization operating the first community-based HIV research program in the United States.

David intends on pursuing a career in medicine, where he hopes to make further contributions to reducing health disparities among stigmatized populations through patient care, education, research, and advocacy.
Academic Publications
Reisner, S.L., Menino, D., Leung, K., Gamarel, K. (2018). "Unspoken agreements": Perceived acceptability of couples HIV testing and counseling (CHTC) among cisgender men with transgender women partners. AIDS & Behavior, 1-9.

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Menino, D. D., Katz-Wise, S, Vetters, R, Reisner, S. L. (2018). Associations Between the Length of Time from Transgender Identity Recognition to Hormone Initiation and Smoking Among Transgender Youth and Young Adults. Transgender Health, 3 (1), 82-87.

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Professional Educational Materials or Reports in Print or Other Media:

Calzo J.P., Bazo N., Menino D., Mohamed K., Jumamil R.B., Francis E., McGee N., Rybeck A. HIV Prevention: A Rehearsal for Life Program Manual. Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, MA (2016).
Conference Abstracts
Reisner SL, Menino D, Sava L, Perrotti J, Nikitin R, Earnshaw VA. Addressing LGBTQ Student Bullying in Massachusetts Schools: Perspectives of LGBTQ Students and School Health Professionals. Oral Presentation, American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Exposition, San Diego CA, 2018.

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Earnshaw V.A., Bogart L.M., Menino D.D., Kelly J.F., Levy S.J. Stigma and substance misuse: Perspectives of young people in treatment and their caregivers. Oral presentation to be given at the Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine; March 2016; Washington DC.