Excel Rio S. Maylem

Field of Study / Research: PhD Animal Science

Program: Fulbright - Philippine Program - Students


Philippine Affiliation: Philippine Carabao Center, Nueva Ecija

U.S. Affiliation: Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK


Science Research Specialist II

Reproduction and Physiology Unit

Philippine Carabao Center National Headquarters, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

Educational Background
Master of Science in Biology - Best MS Thesis Department Level
Central Luzon State University (2013-2016)
Science City of Muňoz, Nueva Ecija

Bachelor of Science in Biology – cum laude
Central Luzon State University (2007-2011)
Science City of Muňoz, Nueva Ecija
Eligibility: PD 907
Research Interests
Buffalo reproduction and physiology, in vitro embryo production, semen cryopreservation and quality analysis, heat stress in livestock
Research Projects
Gene Expression Analysis of Heat Shock Protein 70 in Water Buffalo Semen and Its Correlation to Semen Quality and Seasonal Variation (DA Biotech Funded Project – January 2016- July 2018) (ESMaylem, EPAtabay, ECAtabay and EVVenturina) – project leader

Enhancing Milk Production of Water Buffaloes through S&T Interventions - Project 2. Development of Reproductive Management Program for Increased Efficiency of AI in Dairy Buffaloes – project staff

Optimizing Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART) In Water Buffaloes through the Regulation of Ovarian Function: Fixed Time AI (EPAtabay, ECAtabay, ESMaylem, MBOcampo, LCOcampo, FPAquino, EBFlores and ASSarabia)

Enhancing AI Efficiency and Reducing Calving Interval through Fixed Time AI in Post-Partum Dairy Buffaloes (EPAtabay, ECAtabay, ESMaylem, MBOcampo, LCOcampo, FPAquino, EBFlores and ASSarabia)

Kinetics of Sperm Penetration and Embryo Development as Predictors of Fertility of Frozen-Thawed Buffalo Semen (ESMaylem, EPAtabay and EVVenturina)
2015 Philippine Carabao Center Outstanding Researcher (March 26, 2016, Philippine Carabao Center, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija)

Thermotolerance Identification in Water Buffalo Using Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP70) and its effect to Semen Quality in varying Environmental Conditions – Best Paper for Biotechnology – Reproduction at the 53rd Philippine Society of Animal Science Annual Conference, Cebu City, October 21, 2017

Identification of sperm subpopulations in water buffalo ejaculates: changes in cryopreservation stages and bull variation - Best Student Research Paper, The 11th World Buffalo Congress, Colombia, November 23-25, 2016.

Evaluation of Sperm Kinematics of Fresh and Frozen Thawed Buffalo Semen Using Computer Assisted Sperm Analyzer. The 12th Annual Conference of the Asian Reproductive Biotechnology Society, Hanoi, Vietnam. November 22-29, 2015. – Best Paper Award (Oral Competition), 1st ARBS Student Research Competition and Poster presenter