Marshaley J. Baquiano

Field of Study / Research: Advanced Research: Intergroup Positionings in Peace Negotiations: The Mindanao Peace Talks

Program: Fulbright - Philippine Program - Senior Scholars


Philippine Affiliation: Assistant Professor, University of the Philippines, Miagao, Iloilo

U.S. Affiliation: Georgetown University, Washington, DC


Educational Attainment:
PhD in Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University


Research Interests:
Social psychological studies on social issues (e.g., poverty, coastal resource management, climate change, disaster,
corruption), intergroup conflicts (e.g., mining conflict, land conflict), intergroup negotiations (e.g., labor
vs. management, GPH vs. MILF), mental health and psycho-social support

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  • Baquiano, M. J. (2016). Understanding coastal resource management using a social representations approach. Ocean & Coastal Management, 133, 18-27.
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