Orville B. Tatcho

Field of Study / Research: PhD Communication and Information Sciences

Program: Fulbright - CHED Scholarship Program


Philippine Affiliation: University of the Philippines, Baguio City

U.S. Affiliation: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL


Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines – Baguio.

Educational Attainment
  • MA Communication, UP Diliman (June 2017)
  • BA Communication, UP Baguio (April 2011)
Awards & Grants
  • Outstanding Graduate Thesis, MA Communication, UP Diliman (2017)
  • Best Paper, 5th International SEARCH Conference, Taylor’s University, Malaysia (2017)
  • Cordillera Studies Center, UP Baguio Research Grantee (2017-2018)
  • CHED Graduate Thesis Support Grantee (2016-2017)
Previous Academic Positions & Relevant Experience
  • Alumni Affairs Desk Officer, UP Baguio – August 2017 to present
  • Chair, Talastasan Lecture Series of the College of Arts and Communication, UP Baguio (August 2017 to present)
  • Coach, UPB Debate Varsity (Nov. 2012 to present)
Publications & Research Interests
  • Tatcho, Orville. 2016. "Reading On Local Communication Efforts and Initiatives." In Resilience and Sustainability: Fourteen Narratives, edited by: A. G. Flor, A. Ciencia and C. F. Sta Maria-Abalos: 144-170. Baguio City: Cordillera Studies Center.
  • Tatcho, Orville. 2016. “Gay Issues in Philippine Independent and Mainstream Gay-themed Films”. In 2nd World Conference on Media and Communication Conference Proceedings, edited by Thomas Endres: 34-41. Sri Lanka: TIIKM. P. 60.
  • Tatcho, Orville. 2016. “Celebrities in Public Office, Traditional Politicians, and the Media.” In Social Science Teaching, Research and Practice: Consolidating Lessons and Charting Directions, edited by Lorelei Mendoza: 301-308. Baguio City: Cordillera Studies Center.

Research interests:

I am committed to the study of communication and media texts through a critical lens, employing qualitative methods and a constructivist approach. Specifically, I am involved in research that deals with the politics of representation, gender, and rhetoric and debate. Currently, I take interest in a cultural studies approach to the study of communication as well as the dynamics of political communication in the context of Philippine political processes.