Shira Amina O. Olivares

Field of Study / Research: Mathematics

Program: Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGrad)


Philippine Affiliation: Central Luzon State University, Nueva Ecija

U.S. Affiliation: University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX


Shira Amina Ortiz Olivares was born in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija on the first day of October, 1997. She, together with her three siblings, was raised by her parents in the rural town of Magsaysay, the southern tip of Occidental Mindoro. She is currently living in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija.

Shira is taking up a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics in Central Luzon State University. She is a constant academic scholar. She also enjoys scholarships from the Department of Science and Technology and a microfinance bank. She develops her nonacademic skills by attending workshops and seminars. Shira has received various awards such as the CLSU Presidential Award and Academic Excellence Award.

Shira loves to read during her spare time. She is a mathematics enthusiast and an art lover. She loves to travel and explore new things. She is very fond of children. She is hardworking and result oriented. She is currently pursuing excellence while acknowledging God in all her ways.

Shira Amina Ortiz Olivares is taking up a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics at Central Luzon State University in the Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija. She has attended various trainings and workshops including Youth for Environment Summer Camp, DOST Summer Orientation and Enrichment Program, Regional DOST Scholars Convergence: Interconnecting Scholars for Stronger Leadership, LaTex Training, and National DOST Scholars’ Summit. She was recently honored with the CLSU Presidential Award for being a constant University Scholar. Aside from her academic scholarship, she is also a scholar of the Department of Science and Technology as well as CARD Bank, Incorporated. She was an Academic Excellence Awardee during her service in the National Service and Training Program. Career Service Professional Eligibility was also conferred upon her after passing the Career Service Examination.
Other Areas of Interest
Shira Amina Ortiz Olivares is a young woman with an inquisitive nature. She is a mathematics enthusiast. She began to hone her numerical and analytical skills during her elementary school days by solving numerical problems and answering math puzzles. Other than mathematics, Shira also loves art and craft. She is interested in making string art and associating its patterns with Number Theory and Abstract Algebra. She knows how to play the flute. She loves to read books and solve logic puzzles. She is also interested in computer programming as well as in actuarial science.