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Alumni meetings with a crunch: Humphrey Turon Special catches on
Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sometimes the simplest idea is the one that unexpectedly gets people’s attention.

When the officers of the Hubert H. Humphrey Alumni Philippines came up with the idea in 2015 of showing Filipino films and serve everyday turon (sweet banana fritters) during meetings, we had no idea that it would inspire other alumni associations of US government scholars to come up with their own version.

The objective was to find a way of enticing Humphrey Fellows to attend meetings, appreciate  Filipino films and  simply enjoy each other’s company.

And the Humphrey Turon Special was born.

The rules are simple. First, the film to be shown may be a feature film or a documentary. Second, it must have been made by  Filipinos, or the performers are Filipinos,  or the film is about Filipinos or the Philippines. Third, Fellows may bring their favorite snacks or drinks which will be shared with everybody.  Fourth, there must be turon at the event.

At the recent Alumni Engage 2017 organized by the US Embassy Manila held in Cebu City on March 3-5, 2017, and attended by representatives from thirty-four alumni organizations, I was pleasantly surprised that the other alumni organizations have come up with creative names for their own event or meetings using names of local food inspired by the Humphrey Turon Special.

Putogether – formed by the alumni in Cagayan de Oro City (puto is a kind of rice cake)

Kita-kita, Salu-salo at Pichi-pichi (KSP) – formed by UGRAD

(Kita-kita means to meet; Salu-Salo means to share and  pichi-pichi is a soft sweet chewy dessert)

Sago’t Gulaman at Turon (SGT) – formed by International Leaders in Education Program (ILEP).  (Sago’t gulaman (tapioca and gelatin) is a sweet and refreshing drink.)

Cinemachoy – to be formed by the alumni in Iloilo City. (Batchoy is a kind of hot soup which originated in La Paz, Iloilo)

Sumanity – proposed name to be used in Cotobato City. (Suman is sticky rice cake wrapped in banana leaves.)

Kumustahan at Kapihan – to be used by the alumni in Iligan City.  (Literally means “Hello and Coffee Place”)

Strawberry Nice to Meet You – to be used by the alumni in Baguio City. Strawberries are identified with this city and the surrounding areas.

Bikonnect –  to be used by ACCESS PYLP Alumni Association.  (Biko is a kind of rice cake.)

Turon, anyone?

By: Atty. Arnel Jose Banas


Hubert H. Humphrey Alumni Philippines

Photo taken from  U.S. Embassy- Manila Facebook Page

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