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Fulbright-CHED PhD Scholarship Program

The objective of a Fulbright-CHED grant is to enable qualified higher education faculty and staff currently affiliated with CHED-recognized higher education institutions, to pursue doctoral studies in the United States to upgrade the country’s higher education system, fast-track the Higher Education Reform Agenda, and develop leaders who can contribute to promoting better understanding between the Philippines and the United States.

Funding is for a maximum of two (2) years for doctoral degree studies. The grant provides for tuition and fees, settling-in allowance, monthly maintenance allowance, books and supplies allowance, in-transit allowance, health and accident insurance, roundtrip international airfare and excess baggage allowance. Successful candidates must commit to fulfill a return service obligation with their HEIs in the form of teaching and/or research upon completion of the grant. Applicants who are accepted in the program must enter into a tripartite contract with the sending Philippine institution and CHED for the monitoring of the re-entry action plan.

Fields of Study

The program will fund study, but shall not be limited to the priority fields identified in the CHED’s “Priority Fields for Foreign Scholarships.” These include the following:

  1. Agricultural Education – Aquaculture, Biodiversity Conservation, Capture Fisheries, Food Security, Forest Restoration, Forest and Climate Change Studies, Plantation Development, Resource Management, Watershed Management, Agri-Technology and Post-Harvest Processing
  2. Architecture, Fine Arts, and Related Programs – Future Cities, Urban and Regional Planning, Public Works Planning and Development, Transportation Studies, Ecological Landscape – Architecture, Land Use Planning, Landscape Ecology, Tropical/Cultural Landscape Architecture, Urban and Countryside Landscape, Ethnological Landscape Architecture
  3. Business Management – Business Analytics, Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, Tourism Management (Ph.D. Level)
  4. Criminal Justice Education – Administration of Justice and Security, Cybersecurity, Forensic Science
  5. Engineering – Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Communications Engineering, Materials Engineering / Synthetic Products, Mechatronics and Robotics, Materials Science Engineering, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Transportation Engineering
  6. Health Profession Education – Health and Life Sciences, Health/Medical Informatics, Health Communications, Epidemiology, Health Innovation and Translational Medicine, Health Regulatory Sciences (including Pharma and Medieval Device Law, Regulatory Compliance), Health Financing, Medical Anthropology, Mental Health, Medical Technology, Occupational Health, Pharmacogenomics, Public Health, Radiology, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Sports Science
  7. Information Technology – Interactive Media, Data Science, Digital Animation, Game Development, Digital Innovation and Creativity, Systems Analysis
  8. Maritime Education – Maritime Affairs and Diplomacy, Maritime Evaluation and Assessment, Naval Architecture, Ship Design and Construction, Ship Superintendence
  9. Science and Math – Biotechnology, Climate and Atmospheric Science, Computational Biology and Quantitative Genetics, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Energy Studies, Environmental Sciences, Geosciences, Geology, Marine Biology, Math and Applied Math, Meteorology, Molecular Biology, Nano Sciences, Renewable Energy Studies, Risk and Vulnerability Studies, Statistics and Applied Statistics
  10. Social Sciences – Anthropology, Archaeology, Conflict Development, Demography and Population Studies, Ethics and Human Rights, Economics and Applied Economics (e.g. Behavioural Economics, Development Economics, International Economics, Environmental Economics, Health Economics, etc.) Gender Studies, Studies of Ethnicity and Religions, Ethnology and Linguistics, Humanitarian Studies, Communication and Applied Studies in Communication (e.g. Media Research, Broadcast Communication, etc.), Convergence Media, Media and Information Literacy, Psychology, Social Welfare and Development
  11. Education – Alternative Learning System/Distance Education, Adult Education, Early Childhood Education, Higher Education, Curriculum Studies, Education Policy, Educational Leadership, Lifelong Learning, Education Technology and Innovation, Special and Inclusive Education
  12. Public Management and Governance – Government and Peace Building, International Relations and Transnational Issues, International Business, International Law, International Development, Public Policy
  13. Fields of study that are not covered by the grant include medicine, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, clinical psychology, medical technology, and accountancy.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Philippine citizenship
  2. Must meet English proficiency requirement of U.S. universities
  3. Has college degree preferably with major in field of specialization
  4. Must be able to demonstrate strong academic record
  5. Must have adequate knowledge that would prepare a scholar for successful study and research in a specific graduate program
  6. While no medical certification is required at application time, applicants must be in good health to pursue graduate studies in the U.S.  Selected grantees will be required to pass a medical examination
  7. Must have at least two years of teaching experience (after college) in field of specialization or professional experience relevant to the field of study and currently employed by a CHED-recognized higher education institution. Assistantships during college do not count.
  8. Has no pending criminal charges, and must not have been convicted for violation of any Philippine Law.
  9. Is committed to return to and serve the Philippines upon completion of study and fulfill all the Terms and Conditions of the grant, and comply with the HEI’s return service obligation.
  10. Once the applicant is accepted in the program, he/she shall enter into a tripartite contract with the sending Philippine institution and CHED for the monitoring of the re-entry action plan.
    • Individuals holding dual citizenship, are permanent residents and/or are presently studying in the U.S. are not eligible.
    • Students already in the U.S. are ineligible for a grant.
    • Individuals who have resided in the U.S. for five (5) or more consecutive years in the past six (6) years are ineligible for a grant.

Required Documents:

      • Completed online application at https://apply.iie.org/ffsp2022 (Application is now closed.)
      • Make sure to Select/Change Award to Fulbright-CHED PhD Scholarship Program on the Award Information portion found on the Country Information tab on your online application page.
      • Official or certified true copy of transcript of records from all colleges/universities attended.
      • Certified true copy of diploma (NOT ORIGINAL)
      • Three letters of reference (forms are available via the online application portal)
      • NBI clearance acquired in the past six (6) months.

Application period for the 2022-2023 Fulbright-CHED PhD Scholarship Program is already CLOSED. Please check our website soon for announcements.