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Fulbright U.S. – ASEAN Visiting Scholar Initiative

The U.S. – ASEAN Fulbright Initiative is open to university faculty, foreign ministry and government officials, and professional staff of think tanks and other NGOs in ASEAN member nations to travel to the U.S. for scholarly and professional research for three to four (3-4) months on issues that are relevant and useful to member nations, and central to the U.S. – ASEAN relationship.

Fulbright US-ASEAN visiting scholars may apply to to do research or lecturing/research in fields that will support ASEAN initiatives including: Supporting Regional Economic Integration, Expanding Maritime Cooperation, Promoting opportunities for women, Fostering Green Growth, and addressing Transnational challenges (including Human Trafficking, Climate Change, Sustainable Fishing, Wildlife Trafficking, and Countering Violent Extremism). These fields can include: Education, Environmental Sciences, Financial Market Integration, Food Technology, Information Sciences, Journalism, Law, Political Science, Public Administration, Public/Global Health, Statistics, Trade and Investment, Trade Facilitation, and TEFL & Applied Linguistics.

Applicants will be expected to have a significant record of scholarly or professional accomplishment; they must be Filipino citizens; and they must be proficient in English. Preference will be given to qualified applicants who have not had recent and substantial experience in the United States. Applicant/s must be residing in the Philippines throughout the nomination and selection process, and must return to the country upon completion of their U.S. stay.

Fulbright U.S. – ASEAN Visiting Scholar awards will provide:

  • A monthly stipend for grantees, between US $2,710 and $3,145/month, depending on city.
  • One direct-flight, round-trip economy-class air ticket.
  • A one-time $1,250 Professional and Settling-in allowance.
  • Qualifying university lab and research fees up to $3,000, as necessary.

Application Requirements:

  • Application
  • Project statement (three to five pages)
  • Bibliography (up to three pages; this is required for research or combined teaching/research awards)
  • Curriculum vita (up to six pages)
  • Letter of invitation
  • Letters of recommendation (three are required)

Individuals holding dual citizenship, are permanent residents and/or are presently studying in the U.S. are not eligible.

Application period for the 2018-19 Fulbright U.S.-ASEAN Visiting Scholar Initiative competition is from August 17 to October 6, 2017.


Download 2018-19 Fulbright U.S.-ASEAN Initiative Program Application Form


Download 2018-19 Fulbright U.S.-ASEAN Initiative Program Letter of Reference